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LE 17" 4 spoke polished wheel

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Has anyone polished their 4 spoke 17" LE wheels yet? I have the chrome door hand-
les installed and the chrome mirrors should be in this week. The painted wheels just
don't look right any more.

Contrary to several posts I have seen, I like the LE wheels, would just like to have
them polished. One shop said that he would not polish them because when an
aluminuim wheel is to be painted the aluminum is a lower grade and difficult to get
a good shine. he also said that I would have to polish it all the time to keep it look-
ing nice.

I am going to another shop tomorrow to see if they have the same answer. I was
just wondering if anyone has done this modification yet and if so what is their feel-
ing on doing this?

Thanks for any input.

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Have you considered having them chromed? My Explorer had chromed aluminum wheels and they ahve held up extremely well, even to the road salt in the winter! Not sure what it takes to do it, but I've seen advertisements for shops that will chrome plate just about anything!
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