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LE 17" 4 spoke polished wheel

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Has anyone polished their 4 spoke 17" LE wheels yet? I have the chrome door hand-
les installed and the chrome mirrors should be in this week. The painted wheels just
don't look right any more.

Contrary to several posts I have seen, I like the LE wheels, would just like to have
them polished. One shop said that he would not polish them because when an
aluminuim wheel is to be painted the aluminum is a lower grade and difficult to get
a good shine. he also said that I would have to polish it all the time to keep it look-
ing nice.

I am going to another shop tomorrow to see if they have the same answer. I was
just wondering if anyone has done this modification yet and if so what is their feel-
ing on doing this?

Thanks for any input.

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I priced chrome plating the wheels and it was about the same price as polishing them.
I like the softer look of the polished alloy over the harder look of the chrome.

I found a very good polish guy who did some work on my stainless steel exhaust
on my BMW motorcycle. He did a beautiful job and was fairly inexpensive on the

He told me that the wheels are indeed harder to polish. They are made by a company in
Australia that makes wheels for Ford and BMW. He had a set of Ford wheels in his shop and was in the process of stripping them. It did indeed look like a difficult job.

He told me it would cost about $250 per wheel to put a high shine on the wheels be-
cause the wheels that are painted from the factory do not have a very highly pol-
ished surface. He showed me the surface on then Ford wheels he had and they
were indeed kind of rough. The Ford wheels had the same marking on them that the
my LE wheels have so I guess what he said is true about the same company doing
the wheels for Nissan and Ford.

Now all I have to do is make up my mind if I want to spend that much money to get
the look I want. If I polish the wheels then I'll be forced to do something about the
composite step rails or they really will look out of place.

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