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Hello everybody,

I haven't posted in a while due to birth of my baby boy last month on March 16.

Haven't had time to do any mods recently either except for some minor stuff like downgrading form mud terrain tires to stock SE wheels w/ brand new set of rugged trails on them, reinstalling mud flaps due to numerous complaints from behind and installing a roll pan instead of rear bumper (gotta love the "smooth" look) pics to come as soon as this rain is over.

Well back on the topic:

Originally my truck came with Volant intake and Tb spacer(installed by previous owner). I was not a big fan of whistle that came from TB spacer and after installing Magnaflow exhaust intake was just too loud for me. I traded for stock air intake setup w/ K&N drop in +$200. Truck was actually running and idling a lot smoother. But it became very quiet under the hood. So I started researching other intake options. My local truck performance shop was nice enough to let me try a few different options and I ended up with Fujuta intake. Here is my 1 minute review on this intake:

1. Appearance - nice and clean aluminum tubing (K&N and others have similar tubing)
2. Sound - nice and quiet at idle speeds, moderate 1K-3K rpm, moderate-loud 3K-4K rpm, screams 4K+.
3. Installation - beware if you have body lift, mounting bracket does not fit, needs additional hardware
4. Gas mileage/performance - performance gains are similar to Volant, Gas mileage can not determine yet since I only had it for a few days.

Overall, I like the look and cleanliness of Fujita intake. If you are a serious off-roader beware of this intake since it does not come with any sort of heat shield/air box.

PICs to come within a day or so.
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