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Before you drive it off the dealers lot, check your rad cap yourself. Then call the service manager over, point to the stawberry milkshake in your rad, and give him back the bill and tell him to learn how to fix the damn problem!!!

then do the bypass ...


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I highly doubt they did the bypass for you.

How long is your warranty period? I am not sure if 90 days is enough.

I also agree with the others, you should check the radiator cap and area when you pick it up to see if the "strawberry shake" is present or not. I would also ask what the "trash" was. If they mention anything like "strawberry shake" then I would really push them and see if they tell you anything else.

Also, 300 miles? Did an employee use it as a dd for a week or what?
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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