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Lake Camanche, Ca

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So I have a camping trip planned for Sept 10,11,12 with some friends. I am hoping there are some trails or somewhere to take the truck in the area.

I use a few books for reference but none show anything close. So I am hoping there is someone here who can suggest a place.

Lake Camanche
2000 Camanche Road
Ione, CA 95640

Its about 25 miles outside of Lodi, Ca. I know there are some nice trails a few hours away, not sure if i want to drive that far since I will be leaving the gf back at the lake haha.

The " California Trails, North Sierra Region " book I have says the closest decent trail is near Strawberry, ca at about 85 miles away..

anyone know anything closer?
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I have been to Lake Camanche few times. I know there is a dirt trail around there some where but haven't been to it. when you get to the lake ask the rangers at the entrance.
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