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Username: klee7013
Trim:Le 4x4 lwb
Color:Radiant Silver
My name is kevin
Interior: Some leds, complete redo of audio will post below

Exterior:Black UWS toolbox- dent in the rear bumper came like that from the dealer :(

Suspension & Tires: 3" Spacer(for now hopefully 2.5 eventually), AC 3" add a leaf, and bilsteins 5125

Armor: Shrockworks gas tank and oil pan skid

Performance: Volant Cai, and Superchips

In Progress: Getting new tires and wheels next week:heysexy:

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First thing i did was buy rubber floor mats

Then about 3 months after i had the truck i added the garmin navigation piece on top

Then 1 month after gamin i installed this

I acidentaly wired something wrong but i sent it back as defective love good consumer service :) ordered a few months later and finished installing
changed aux port cause i couldnt use it any more to this

will post more pics later i thought i better start a build log or i will forget everything i did to my truck
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