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King shocks in Miami

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I'm going to miami soon and i want to know where i can buy king coilovers, there is any shop where i can find them? the reason why i'm asking is because i am from chile and is very difficult to buy things here...
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I looked in ebay and didn't find the OEM king coilovers ...

I called greg and also sen a mail but i didn't have response
I spoke with a guy called Gerardo Iribe, but his is on mexico this week , he told me that he can send the shocks to miami (he comes to regulate suspencions to chile). The idea if i contact with prg is to buy the titan uca lca and the king shocks!
I just send a email to greg, I will be waiting an answer and a possibility to buy this set. thx
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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