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King Cab fit Crew Cab?

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Hello. I have a 98 Crew Cab XE 4x4 that has a rusty bed. Local mechanic said that the bed was to far gone to fix, and suggested looking for a new bed for it. I found a 98 bed of a King Cab. I know it's shorter, but could it work? Thanks for the help.
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00' was the first real year of the crew cabs, and 01' was the first with the long beds

i have herd of only one other CC badged as a 99 tho, but never a 98, in that year regular and extended cabs were offered ONLY
And here's my truck. Do you think it could work?
you have a regular cab, and yes that bed will work, all the mounts are in the same spot

on the king cabs, reg cabs and crew cab long beds, they all used the same bed, just stretched the frame to fit the longer or shorter cab
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haha dannnooo, check your txt messages fool!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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