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Kevins Subwoofer build log

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Will disclose the equipment i am using once i complete
Pic of sub using 3

Weight per subx3


Cutting some Circles


Some Fiberglass

Mold Out ya its rough my first time doing this

Front Panel

In the truck

Making some flush mount rings

and fiberglass

pretty sturdy i can stand on it and it holds me it flexs just a little (which i think is the few layers on the edges that will be cut off)
so im thinking 2 more layers and ill be good

More to come Soon
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a few tips:

-tape the floor, then put the wooden exoskeleton in, then fiberglass it as one piece. itll save you some wasted material and be solid once you pull it out. if you attach the wood to the mold outside of the truck it can warp it and it wont fit as nicely as before. also, a good fiberglass roller will help get the air bubble out of your glass before it hardens.

-make sure your fiberglass is 1/4" thick on the flat spots. you want it rock solid

-a solid router and some jasper circle jigs should be on your christmas list. they make cutting circles a breeze and they come out perfect

otherwise, looks like a good start. id guess on the sub but too many companies use that basket. triple stack motor looks like it could be a dc lvl4 or so. keep us posted.

if you need inspiration, check out my similar build in my kc:
quick questions i was gonna put some coaxials in the back doors but being so close to the subs will they be canceled out or distored
use the crossover or filter on your amp so you dont send anything under 100hz to your coaxials. youll basically be using them as a mid/tweet.
scott i didn't know you had such a great build in your king cab at one point.
there are more coming. i never have the same install for too long. a new box is in progress in my shed.

looking at your setup, if you stepped down to 2 8's you could probably make it happen pretty easily. you could even reuse the same box by making a removable port and putting it in the 3rd 8's hole. a simple round block off plate and some pvc pipe for a port and you are done.

ported boxes are 3db louder, or twice as loud. so 2 ported 8s is still louder than 3 sealed 8s, and you get the benefit of a reinforced bottom octave.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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