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Kevins Subwoofer build log

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Will disclose the equipment i am using once i complete
Pic of sub using 3

Weight per subx3


Cutting some Circles


Some Fiberglass

Mold Out ya its rough my first time doing this

Front Panel

In the truck

Making some flush mount rings

and fiberglass

pretty sturdy i can stand on it and it holds me it flexs just a little (which i think is the few layers on the edges that will be cut off)
so im thinking 2 more layers and ill be good

More to come Soon
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1.ya its going to be a pain to connect the mdf to the fiberglass but i am gonna get it to far now to turn around

2.make sure your fiberglass is 1/4" thick on the flat spot -- ya i cut out a section to mount my ring terminals and i measured it and it was exactly 1/4" in that spot

3.a solid router and some jasper circle jigs should be on your christmas list. they make cutting circles a breeze and they come out perfect-- ya but i dont plan on doing this alot so i just used the tools i had already got to much money in it now lol

will post more pics tonight gonna go do some sanding right now
what are the subs your running(make and model)
Will disclose the equipment i am using once i complete
f you blow a sub in a box with 2 other subs its going to sound like crap and there is nothing you can do until you buy a new sub.

well kinda hard to make 3 equal sized boxs under the back seat and they all be run on the same amp so if one goes i need to wait anyways and replace that one or rewire them all again

more pics

all semi-flushmount rings in

how thick the fiberglass was that i cut out
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im not gonna write a story about my 8"s :roll:

ill post some more pictures tonight--

yall your right connecting wood to fiberglass is kinda tough-- o well i know better next time

quick questions i was gonna put some coaxials in the back doors
but being so close to the subs will they be canceled out or distored :crikey:
would it be worth it putting them back there or just go for a nice set of components up front??? :confused: any ideas??:comphead:

oo ya hopefully i will be done around 2nd week of may got exams next week so wont be able to do much on it
no i fail at being witty i was trying it back on you :comphead:.
i knew what you where talking about its cool
Will post more pics tonight

hmmm thought this might need an update
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yup working on tuning it a little bit then off to the strip- :) been a long time but hard work and the dizzy feeling was worth it
bad thing is i am already trying to figure out a way to try to add some space and port it but it will stay like this for at least 4-5 months

scott i didn't know you had such a great build in your king cab at one point.

i am looking for a lap belt now for the center seat because i had to take the middle seat belt mechanism and belt out to fit amp rack in behind seat
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