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Same... can't find much anywhere. What model did you get and when/where?
Kenwood Excelion DMX906s
I actually got it from Crutchfield end of 2020 for my competition audio Jeep as it's definitely a winner on sound quality. 900$ but this is it's first time being installed it was in the closet for too long. I found Plugnplay and was able to put a Kicker 200.4 in the dash of my 2020 S.
As soon as I got my 2021 SV
I started collecting the components necessary for the install. Wireless Android Auto is awesome. Navigation and YouTube it's well worth it to have this along with all SKAR TX series replacement component speakers and 2 10" Solobaric L7's for now. All doors and dash get signal from a [email protected] per channel with an Kicker CXA12
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Good job... I am a fan of Kenwood HUs. But what's that wire hanging in front of the head unit though?

If you rearrange the wiring behind the head unit a little bit more, it will help with lining up the dash kit better with the HVAC faceplate in the center console. It's a pain, but with that little extra effort, you can get it to sit flush and OEM looking.
But of course ☺ I am self employed and have zero free time. This was my temporary microphone. Thanks for noticing 🙂. I'm still adding components and would definitely love to add finished photos with my amps and wires all freshed up. I promise to hide the 🎤. You ever used any SKAR Audio? I have alot of experience with Skars products. These TX69's sound better than anything else. Give them 50-120watts and they will amaze. I'm pulling out the Kicker CS series that I did swap out from the stocks. However I can truly say that SKAR TX series sound 110% better than the Kicker CS or DS speakers.

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00.1 for the L7'S
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