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KC Should I Plug Rear Vents?

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Well I have a 07 frontiier kc, I was wondering if anyone has taken out their under seat vent system.

Should I plug it at the center counsel? I figure I would have more room to mount a under seat sub on my passenger side, I could leave the drivers side on but I dunno if hot air from the vent is very great for my amp...

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This is interesting to me as I felt in 100 degree weather my A/C system seems to lack the "oomphf" or power to cool adequately here in severe Iowa summer heat. I might do the same and plug my under seat vents to bring more of the cooled air and warmed air to the front vents and window vents. Never thought of doing that until I read your post. Thanks.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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