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KC Should I Plug Rear Vents?

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Well I have a 07 frontiier kc, I was wondering if anyone has taken out their under seat vent system.

Should I plug it at the center counsel? I figure I would have more room to mount a under seat sub on my passenger side, I could leave the drivers side on but I dunno if hot air from the vent is very great for my amp...

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If I plug it with something shouldnt I get a increase in air output from my main dash vents, I dont carry passengers so I dont need cold air under the seats other then faster recirculation..
Well I plugged it up at the center console, I just put cardboard in front and dynamtted it close.

Im finally done dynamatting my entire king cab as well as putting 1/4 dynaliner, im now installing my stereo system. Unfortuanly the most expensive part of my system, the front components has not come in yet.

Tracking shows it in California on Dec.11 and its still not here, shipped with priority :(
I paid 550.00 through ebay
Alright so do you notice a difference?
Sorry my truck is still in peices, im currently doing a stereo system install.... Ill let you all know.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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