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I have been reading all the thoughts on the radiator cooler bypass (which I have done for obvious reasons) and the install of gauges for the tranny temp. The question is: Has anyone done a before and after temp reading on the tranny for the bypass? It seems to me that this would eliminate the need for all the bs/discussion/hostility on some of the threads/posts. I have not seen any comparisons of the temps and am curious if there is much difference from before and after the bypass. If anyone has installed the gauges without the bypass let us know what temps you are running under differing circumstances and at least do a temporary bypass to see if there is a significant change or any at all. I run an '06 SE and have no place to mount a gauge without some major modding to the dash. Some feedback on this would be great for us all and may enable me to get a gauge if warranted since I tow a boat during the Fl. summer quite a bit. And, right now it is already HOT!!! Thanks in advance for any thoughts and feedback. Please don't blast me if this has been done. I just haven't seen any results.
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