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Just ordered my 2" mini lift from Greg. Going with the 1" block for the rear to try and get it level (hopefully thats not too low?) for $229.

I was debating on lifts and just called Greg for advice, but Greg is so easy to talk to I couldnt talk myself out of buying the kit. I was concerned with coil bucket contact but he advised that with only 2"s of lift it really is not much of a concern, plus his kit now includes droop stops to quiet the impact.

We discussed cam bolts and he advised not to buy them at this point. Recommended taking it in for an alignment to see if they are necessary and then go from there. If I need them they would be the same price at a later date and only $9 to ship.

Now I just need to sell my BMW so I get upgrade to bigger tires. Looking at General Grabber AT2's, BFG AT's, Wrangler Duratrac's, Hancook Dynapro ATM, or Terra Grapplers....
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