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Ok I not been on in a while ( busy working and such). But I need some help and info.. MY 2007 Nissan Frontier just left us on the side of the road tonight. I been having a fuel gauge issue and ( goes dead whenever I fill it up or at random ( resulting the fuel light coming on saying out of gas and the gauge says empty)
Tonight it was doing this as before , but as I went to accelerate she took off then just stays at 1000rpm. and the Transmission Slip light is on. If i shut the truck off and restart it she will rev up then drop back to idle, I can press the pedal all the way to the floor and only get up to 1200 rpm. I can put it in gear but she just rolls slow ( i can push it that fast and I have Cerebral palsy so that says lot. SO I need to figure out if the fuel pump has gone or if it something more serious.. I need some idea were to look ( if this is a fuse or relay ) My only other possible info I can give is that I had a error saying bank 1 was lean about 2 weeks ago.

other possible helpful info .
v6 4x4 auto transmission
has 210K miles on it. (owned it since 93k ) I not replaced a fuel pump yet. I hate to do so cause I told about 600-1200 for it all. (plus a tow)
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