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So last thursday without any warning my seat belt stopped working. the catch that grabs the seat belt when you jerk forward just kept grabbing. So I called the dealer that wasn't closed till 6 but didn't have anyone to work on it so i had to fight it for 10min to get it on and drive home. i came back the next day and dropped it off thinking they were going to fix it. so i never got a call till my lunch break at 1:30 when i called to find out that they ordered the part and it will be a week before they get it. So walking out of the service dept. pissed i fought my seat blet for about 5 min till i gave up and stormed back in a told him that there has to be something that they can do becuase i cant fight this for a week. Then a dept manager hearing this came up with a great idea we could put a rivet in it so it can't go back in. So after 3/4 of my lunch break spent trying to get my seat belt out enough so that i could still wear it. the manager told my that he has never seen this before. i assume that is why the nearest part is the otherside of the U.S from me. :censor:

So I get to spend the next week with my custom racing seatbelt you all should be jealous:nana:
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