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Just got a beater Frontier

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Hey, everyone. Today I'm picking up a beater 2001 Frontier for my son, who's currently a senior in HS. She's got 144k miles and needs some maintenance work:
Valve cover leak
Power steering leak
Possible Leak between the transmission and engine
New tires

Fortunately, this is all stuff I can manage and it'll be a great learning experience for my boy.

The previous owner had the truck for around 10 years, which is comforting to me when there's a good history between the owner and machine.

As far as me, I work on cars and motorcycles as a hobby but work in engineering, and I have an affinity for Toyotas, Nissan trucks, and Ducati and Honda motorcycles.

I'll attach pics of my rides later today
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Welcome to the club. Looking forward to your future posts. Is it a 4 or 6 cyl?
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