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Just got a beater Frontier

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Hey, everyone. Today I'm picking up a beater 2001 Frontier for my son, who's currently a senior in HS. She's got 144k miles and needs some maintenance work:
Valve cover leak
Power steering leak
Possible Leak between the transmission and engine
New tires

Fortunately, this is all stuff I can manage and it'll be a great learning experience for my boy.

The previous owner had the truck for around 10 years, which is comforting to me when there's a good history between the owner and machine.

As far as me, I work on cars and motorcycles as a hobby but work in engineering, and I have an affinity for Toyotas, Nissan trucks, and Ducati and Honda motorcycles.

I'll attach pics of my rides later today
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I had three Hardbody trucks over the years, which are very similar to your new Frontier. Should be a great vehicle to learn-on, their design reminds me in some ways of older cars from the seventies. Torsion bars for the front, leaf springs in back, steering box (at least on the Hardbody, I assume the Frontier is similar), with the four cylinder a lot of room to work.

Just something to watch for, I had three different radiator failures to contend with on the '95s, all were the upper radiator hose breaking off the nipple at the radiator. Just something to think about, so that if it does happen he pulls over immediately. Radiators are cheap.
I recall reading here at CF to avoid the old type of crimping/screw-type band (requiring a ratchet or screwdriver) in favor of the type that is a pressure squeeze (requiring pliers). Yeah, I butchered those descriptions, but hopefully someone will chime in w/ the more correct tech terms.
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