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A week into buying the Nismo the U-joints were giving out. The maint. dept. tried worming their way out of the one month warranty (it was only 3 days before it would run out) but I pushed back when talking to a manager and it was cleared to fix. I have to say, Jones junction helped us out in picking out a pretty decent truck and they were willing to work with us as far as negotiating a price unlike a few other dealerships close by which wanted to shuffle us off to cheaper cars...CARS.
With the purchase of any vehicle there you get a oil change for life and free car washes for life as well (the wife liked the free manicures for life) which is a lot more than what other dealerships were handing out. There was no extra payment or anything to get any of that. It was a good feeling to get a decent truck and not feel robbed in the end unlike my experience at Ourisman where I got my Mazda Protege 5.
I reccomend them and I will continue to do buisness with them too. I definitly want to go for the Pathfinder next since me and the wife plan on having kids.
Check them out or if you can or if you can find another one tell me. :)
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