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Joey Peteres 2002 frontier SE crew cab build thread

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right now its pretty stock, ive got
-all kenwood door speakers
-two 10's behind the back seat in a custom box
-clarion touch head unit
-16" dick cepek torques
-blacked out tail lights
-DIY chrome to black headlight housing
-bedlinered the side bars and the bumper, and parts of the grill, it came out very good

Soon to come (already ordered)
3 inch suspension
2 inch body
305/70/16 dunlop maxx MT

pre runner bumper

DIY blacked out head lights

more pictures to come soon, of all the bedlinered parts
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That truck looks identical to mine. I have 22's with 225/45/r22s on it or the other size i have is 285/65/r16s. Looks beast right? Mine has the body lift and the 3inch suspention and yours looks just as big without the suspention lift. I dont know if it matters but mine is supercharged may b why yours looks bigger because the supercharged model is shorter from the factory.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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