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On my 03 Chevy Trailblazer the Jet Chip I had was more of a module that plugged in between the harness and the ECU. It was easily installed and removed. It did definitly make a difference. Jet sent me a stage 2 by mistake which is for mods (exhaust, CAI etc.) which I didn't have. It did improve the mpg, and the upper RPM cruising. I could coast on the highway at 75 mph at 1600 rpm barely breaking a sweat. It did seem to suffer on the bottom end, like from a dead stop. The other thing was I had to run premium all the time otherwise it ran like crap.(might have been because it was a stage 2) The problem with the Jet chips is that they are "cookie cutter" products, everyone gets the same thing. I also had an ECU upgrade on my 95 Pathfinder from AC but it was a similar cookie cutter thing. You got a modified ECU from them and then sent yours back. If I got a Jet chip for free I might try it again,(it did really work) but I am not sure it is worth the $
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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