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Jeff024 ...............2nd account .WHY!

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I had to make this account because I have sent several request to recover my username and password and have gotten no response in over a month ,can someone please help!
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welcome to clubfrontier jeff:laugh:
thanks but I would rather post on my other account:comphead:
I just looked around in the Moderator Control Panel and there is nothing I can do Jeff.
PM 07Frontier or another Admin and I'm sure they can get this worked out for you.

I just reported this post, which means an email went out to all Moderators and Admins.
Basically I just put up the Bat signal . . LOL.
Somebody should be along to help you out shortly Jeff.
I have reset your password for your original account (I PM'd the new account with the info).
thanks 07 got it and now im Back .I heart you guys :)
wayne adverted the end of the world!! :goodjob: :laugh:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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