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JBA Evol Exhaust Group Buy!!!

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I spoke with David Edelman at Premier Truck Accessories about a Group Buy on this system! He asked me to put the word out and he’d work on getting a good Group Price. We’ll need at least 10 people to join this buy to get the special discount, so either let me know or e-mail David at [email protected]. You can also call him at 888-345-4782. Let him know the forum you saw this on and ask for the Group Buy!

So, who’s going to be second?


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Depends on the price for me. Want to upgrade and JBA makes some high quality exhaust parts.
I am down for a stainless one. You can't beat that price and free shipping.
I would be but I have to wait for 5 more people. :(
I sent David an email yesterday on the system and he said JBA will be shipping at the end of the month. So we still have a few weeks to go.
I think its great that they are making sure the system does not drone. I don't want something that is going to give me a headache crusing down the highway.
Sweet price. The exhaust should be the same for KC and CC. Pretty sure they are both the same frame and overall length.
I know manufacturers like JBA can request or maybe even demand a retail price they want you to stay above. Not sure how that process works but it looks performancecenter has gone below it when comparing to everyone else. Maybe they sell a lot more units and can get them for less.
It looks like more than enough people needed to complete the group buy have all ordered from performance. I am not one to back out on something I said I would do. So is this still on or should I go ahead and order from performance too? They have found a way around the price issue and are still honoring their incorrect price til 03/31. Please let me know how many people we now.

Good if we do not have to wait for ten then I am still in. Just wanted to make sure first.
1 - 9 of 201 Posts
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