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JBA Evol Exhaust Group Buy!!!

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I spoke with David Edelman at Premier Truck Accessories about a Group Buy on this system! He asked me to put the word out and he’d work on getting a good Group Price. We’ll need at least 10 people to join this buy to get the special discount, so either let me know or e-mail David at [email protected]. You can also call him at 888-345-4782. Let him know the forum you saw this on and ask for the Group Buy!

So, who’s going to be second?


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David is contacting JBA to see what kind of price he can get for a large order. Either he or I will update this post when we get that info. I'm also hoping for some performance data also. Hopefully he'll hear back from them today and we'll update the post later this evening!
05FRONTY said:
You think this will be better then the Banks?
That depends on what you mean, price, performance, or sound?

Price - Don't know yet, but I hope so!

Performance - Should have better low end torque, but not sure otherwise! Of course Banks never did supply any dyno charts on their system, even though they said they would!

Sound - Without a doubt! According to David they tried several different mufflers before choosing the one they did. He said it has no drone and little to low interior noise! If it fell someplace between the Gibson and Stock, I'd be thrilled!
I was hoping to hear back from either David or JBA yesterday so I could post some more information. JBA does not even list this system in their site yet, but I e-mailed them requesting technical and performance specs. David is working with them on a good group buy price. Hopefully we'll know more next week! It definately sounds promising from what I've heard thus far!
So far it looks as though we have 5 people who have expressed interest, so we're already half way there! Now, if the test results and price prove competative, we may have an awesome deal going here! Hopefully we'll have some more info to post early next week (as I doubt anyone is working this weekend!). There is still plenty of thime though, I don't think JBA will have the stock to start shipping in volume for another couple weeks. I just hope they get David his as soon as possible so we can hear some reviews and oppinions!
I understand where you're coming from. JBA will offer both an aluminized system and a stainless steel system, but both will have a stainless steel muffler and tip. Price of the aluminuized system will be less. Hope to know more next week and will update as info becomes available. If you do decide to get in on this, we'd be up to 7, so I'm pretty sure we'll meet the minumum 10 participants before they start shipping! As for putting on this system, let me put it this way, I removed the Banks System from my truck and re-installed the stock system in about 2 hours with just a pair of jack stands to raise the rear end about 6" and a standard socket set. It wasn't that difficult at all. These systems are designed to fit just like the stock exhaust utilizing the stok hangers, so it's just a matter of unbolting the old system and bolting in the new, no cutting or welding required!

Here's the latest information I have recieved from David:

Hello Paul,

Here is the break down.
I spoke to JBA and these are the prices they want me to sell these for.

All Aluminized (stainless muffler & tip) part # 50-1410 GB price is $365.00 Shipped.
All Stainless Steel Part # 30-1410 GB $ 508.00 Shipped.

Only the first 10 systems ordered on this buy will receive FREE SHPPING and we must get 10 to make this happen.

These system should ship in about 7-10 days.
So, if we have anyone who is serious about taking advantage of this Group Buy, let me know, or contact David directly and place your order! Last count we had 9 folks who were pretty interested, so don't wait too long if you want to get in on the free shipping along with the GB Price!
I just spoke with David, he's still waiting to get his system, but as soon as it's in, they will install it and he'll do a nice write-up about quality, sound, performance, fit and finish, etc!

He also said he already has two confirmed orders, so there are 8 more available at the Group Buy price with FREE Shipping!
David said they will start shipping in 7-10 days, so I don't know if that's when David will get his or if he'll get it before hand. I hope he gets it this week so we all have an opportunity to read his write-up before deciding on this system. I know in talking to him, he says JBA tested several mufflers because the first ones were too loud. According to what is was told by JBA the combination of pipe size and muffler in this system will have no drone in the cabin yet still have a nice sound while giving gains in performance. Hopefully, we'll see some specs soon...
I was doing some research on the web, and the only place I have found that list the new JBA Evol Exhaust for the 05/06 Frontier is

The picture and description on their web site is of the Titan system, but they do list the Frontier P/N's and prices.

50-1410 - $377.30 (Aluminized)
30-1410 - $524.30 (Stainless Steel)

These prices also include shipping! They had performance specs posted as well, but the dyno chart was for the Titan! These numbers, however did not match the dyno chart, so they may be for the Frontier System:

HP - 10-15 HP Increase
Torque - 20-25 ft lbs increase

So, this Group Buy is a pretty decent price!

I know information is coming slowly, but as it becomes available, I'll update this post! Thanks to all who are interested and will help make this happen!
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I noticed that as well, and I'm with you, I'm not interested in adding headers! As for true results from a dyno, I don't put much stock in the numbers manufacturers claim anyway. Too many variable can influence individual dyno results. Weather, altitude, humidity and the vehicle itself all play a factor in the final results. I don't know if you've seen the different dyno's that have been done on this truck, but they all are different! You could put the exact same mods on two identical vehicles and still get different results. Chances are good the two trucks, bone stock, will pull different numbers! Take one of these vehilces and dyno it in FL in the summer, then Maine in the winter, then in Denver at another time and all three will show drastic differences!

I'm certainly not defending JBA's claims or any other manufacturer's claims, far from it! I'm saying I don't put a lot of faith in any of them! What I'm looking for is a quality built system that delivers a mellow exhaust note, with no intrusive drone in the cabin! The mere fact the Y pipe isn't two 2" pipes crimped and stuffed into a 2.25" pipe tells me it will flow better and is a vast improvement over the stock exhaust! If it looks good, sounds good, and flows well, I'll be a happy camper! :D
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I sent an e-mail to David earlier today asking if this system would work with the Xterra or the Pathfinder. I haven't heard back! My gut reaction would be no, only because I think the Xterra has a shorter wheelbase. I may be wrong though. I'm pretty definate it won't work with the Pathfinder because it has the independent rear suspension and I think the exhaust gets routed differently because of it. As soon as I hear something from David, I'll let you know, or you can contact him direct and see. His information is in the initial post.
JimRHIT said:
I am in on this if someone can confirm that this will fit and Xterra? Any reason why it wouldnt? I am pretty sure we are the same underneath. I have a '05 4x4 OR 6MT

Please advise.


According to David at Premier Truck Accessories, this system will not fit the Pathfinder or the Xterra. He's going to check with JBA to see if they are developing one for these trucks. He also said he's aware of another company who is currently developing an exhaust system for these trucks and he's going to check with them as well to see where they're at and a possible release date. I'll let you know what I find out when I hear back from David.
The Group Buy is for their new system for the 05/06 Frontier. I honestly don't know if they even make a system for the previous generation Frontier. But, if there's nothing listed on their website, I would think that don't being as that model has been out for a few years.

I just posted a reply to your post under the Mods/MPG Post concerning the Gibson and reviews on You can also plug in your Year, Make, and Model on their web site and it will list every system they sell for your specific truck. They also price match and give a 1 year price match guaranty! I just e-mailoed them because I found the Tonneau I bought from them back in November listed on another site for $10.00 less! Hey, $10.00 is $10.00! :lol:
I know David from Permier Truck Accessories is going to do a write-up once they have this system installed on their truck, and another member's truck (I think he's on this forum as well, Screen name Pablo) was actually the test bed for this new system, so hopefully he'll share his views and comments as well. I would think the two of them would be getting two of the first production items so they can have them installed right away.

As Johnny Random stated, the rest of us have to wait till we get another 5 people to commit to the Group Buy, then we'll see ours!
I just got this e-mail from Alex Conger at JBA:

Here is the most recent information I have available on the new Frontier exhaust. Just received if from the JBA product manager. Thank you for checking with us.

The size of the pipe is 2" & 2-1/2", includes the Y. We were not happy with the drone of the muffler on the production parts. We have some sample mufflers on order, due in this week. Should be shipping in April. No Dyno results, as the muffler is not determined yet.
At least I was able to confirm the size of the pipes! Besides, the longer I wait, the more I'll have saved. This could mean the difference between Aluminized and Stainless Steel!
David, Thanks for the update! We're geting closer...

Johnny Randon, I agree! The Banks system was way to loud for my taste! I think a lot of these companies rush to be the first product to a new market and don't bother really testing and evaluating what they are selling! At least Gibson was smart enough to build a resonator into their system before the muffler to cut the drone. But, the Gibson is still a 3" system and I've heard mixed comments about loss of low end torque!

As I mentioned in another post, HP gains don't mean a lot to me because most come in the high rpm range, like 5800! Redline is 6000, I doubt my truck has seen 5800 rpm in the entire time I've owned it! Low End Torqe is what you feel when you leave a stop light, merge onto the highway, or haul/ tow a load. Those are the real world types of gain I want to see, something I use day to day! It would be different if I were building a race car, but I'm not. Hopefully, this JBA system will be all that and more! I'm probably setting myself up for disappointment because I'm probably expecting too much from this system! Or, maybe not, if it gives good low end, better gas mileage, and is not obnoxious sounding, I think I'll be satisfied!
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We're currently at 7 confirmed orders for this Group Buy! We only need 3 more to make this happen! And remember those 3 will also be eligible for free shipping! Don't miss out on this opportunity!
I'm not wanting to get into a pissing contest with anyone, I just want to set the record straight. The group Buy price is as follows:

Aluminized - $365.00
Stainless Steel - $508.00

For the first 10, shipping is free.

According to David at Premier Truck Accessories, these should start shipping in another week or so.

The prices posted by Performance Center and are NOT accurate! JBA inadvertantly sent out the wrong prices initially, but has since corrected this by providing the correct price for each system.

David is recieving the entire first shipment of these systems from JBA, for this Group Buy, so shipments to other vendors will not even happen for another 2 weeks after these ship.

David will also do a full review and post it here once he recieves and installs his system. (I don't see any other vendors offering this service.)

I understand Performance Center stated they will honor the errorneous price they initially listed, but I can't say they will do it for all the orders that have been placed at that price. For the sake of those who have placed an order through them, I hope they do.

I still plan on purchasing my system from David because I like and appreciate his honest business practices and his outstanding customer service! I may pay a little more, but I feel confident that I'm trading with a company that will stand behind their product, and will be there 6 months from now if I have a problem! He's already demonstrated this with a problem I had with my AirAid CAI, that was resolved in a matter of hours! To me, loyality still means something!

David is still honoring this Group Buy Price for those who have already committed, and anyone else who is interested. I look forward to his review and the installation of my system in the next couple of weeks!

Hope this clears up any confusion concerning the price of the JBA Evol Exhaust and this Group Buy.
See less See more and are the same company! As gfronty05 stated, those prices are incorrect. If you can get it for that price, good for you, you're getting an excellent deal! I'm still going to wait for David's review of the JBA system before I buy. I jumped on the Banks when it was first released without first hearing a review and regretted it! I'm not going to make that mistake again. I also don't mind paying a couple dollars more, knowing I have a solid company standing behind my purchase. David's done right by me in the past, and I'm going to stick with him!
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