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JBA Evol Exhaust Group Buy!!!

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I spoke with David Edelman at Premier Truck Accessories about a Group Buy on this system! He asked me to put the word out and he’d work on getting a good Group Price. We’ll need at least 10 people to join this buy to get the special discount, so either let me know or e-mail David at [email protected]. You can also call him at 888-345-4782. Let him know the forum you saw this on and ask for the Group Buy!

So, who’s going to be second?


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i'm down, but exactly how much?
I'm pretty sure thats wrong.
1. The exhaust isn't out yet to my knowledge.
2. Way too cheap for stainless.
Sounds pretty stock.
So when is JBA's release date. I dont know about the other guys who ordered this exhaust but i'm prett pissed. yeah we got a good price but the wait has just been too long.
I gave JBA another call today and spoke with one the their exhaust guys. He told me that around 2 or so months ago they recieved a muffler that was intended for our trucks. He said that this "muffler" sounded great and produced a few ponies. The catch though is that this "muffler" was a production muffler which means JBA does not build/produce this muffler. He then went on to say that unfortunately the "muffler" used is now obsolete. This is when our wait started. Supposedly they got a truck/frontier in yeserday and was testing out a new muffler which is suppose to be "it." he also told me that the wait will be around 3-4 more weeks but could possibly be earlier. Now i'm not saying it will but if this exhaust sounds like the tacoma exhaust (Sound Clip) posted earlier then i'm pretty disappointed. I just hope that they get their stuff together and start shipping out our exhaust.
So when is the exhaust shipping out? Does anyone have any updates?
idk about you guys but it seems to me that JBA keeps on saying 'yeah 2 more weeks" or 'it sounds great' but whats the real scoop on this :? i just want to get all this stuff done. well just keeping my hopes up.
nope! I say two more, lol. This better be the week damn 2 months waj!
i wonder if performance is also getting their share. If not i'll probably not get mine till the first week of june.
hahaha patience? c'mon man a lot of the guys that ordered this exhaust was looking at getting it over a month ago. i think it's just normal to be anxious at a product that has gotten a lot of hype lately. i'm hoping that this ships out next week and not until july, but if thats the case i guess my patience just might disappear.
count down

3,000,000,000,000 sec till it ships lol
no seriously though
sundevilfanatic said:
he received 12 and Performance Center got 2.

i'm guessing that the short pipe is the one right after th y pipe from the looks of the instruction sheets. i know dumb ? but how are you suppose to seal/connect the pipes together. I'm just wondering since it doesn't have to be welded on thanks.
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