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JayAre's Truck

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Username: JayAre
Year: 2012 pro 4X w/lux package
Color: Black

Interior: Led domes, Pioneer AVH-P8400BH, WeatherTech floormats, Raingler headrest grab handles.
CB (location varies), VHF radio installed under center stack.

Exterior: 2" Body lift, Plastidipped tailgate emblems, 20% tint all the way around, stubby antenna, LED reverse lights.
Hep's designs drop in roof basket

Armor: InSain Fab front bumper. Calmini rear bumper that Insain Fab customized for my body lift, and added a receiver hitch inside. White Knuckle sliders. Shrock skids. ARB rear diff cover.

Drivetrain: Titan M205 front differential

Suspension: Titan Swapped. Radflo 2.5s, Total Chaos uppers, oem lowers.
Alcan Leaf Pack (3" lift & +400lbs payload)

Tires: 315/75/16 Mastercraft MXT Pro

Uploaded some new pics since photobucket sucks now





I'll add more as I do more!
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Just found a pic of the day I brought it home.

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Nice man, looks really good with the BL added to it. Did you have any issues besides the steering? What'd you ultimately do to fix the steering?
Did the kit come with rear bumper relocation brackets?
The 285's look perfect with the 4" total lift. Got me thinking now...
Thanks! Other than the steering, and rounding out one of the bed bolts (my fault), I had no issues with the BL. It was drivable immediately afterwards, but the steering was very tight when in the middle. Once I turned it a little to the left or right it got loose. The transition between the firm to loose is what I was concerned with. All I did to mitigate the issue is loosen the upper steering arm bolt, and turn the steering wheel back and forth a few times, then tightened the bolt. It still doesn't have the factory feel, but it much improved. Enough so, to where I think I'm fine with it. Seems like how a truck should drive after you do a body lift if you ask me. The kit came with what I think are the front bumper brackets, but not the rear. I'm thinking about relocating the rear bumper, but then I will have a gap between the bottom of the bumper and the trailer hitch, so it's a matter of which I am more willing to deal with. The tailgate/bumper gap isn't really bothering me at all to tell you the truth.

On a side note, since i don't need the front bumper brackets, they are up for sale.
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Looks great, nice job.
You've done a great job with your truck.
Thanks guys!
JayAre I'm partially mad at you because since you posted these pictures I've been thinking 2" BL every time I get in my truck. Lol this means I'm going to end up spending more money.
Hahaha.. sorry man. You should just go ahead and do it though! I just installed the steering shaft extension last night. Not that I felt it really needed it, but wanted it to get back as close to stock as possible. Well, the ssa does just that. I say before you buy the adapter, just make sure you loosen the top steering shaft bolt when you do the lift, then before you tighten it back up, turn the steering weel back and forth a few times to get a little more flex out of the shaft. Then drive it like that and see if you like it or not.

I also painted my tow hook brake caliper red, and got my hi-lift jack in yesterday. Got some mounts to make now.

Painted tow hook with caliper paint.

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Thanks for the info! I think I'll go for it after I get my 285's and IMS. Maybe at the end of summer when I have some time to put it in.
In regards to the lift, you didnt have to do anything with the bilsteins? Just strait bolt on? I did that to my 06, but didnt have the nice shocks. descent ride quality still?
Yeah, I only had to take the front bilsteins out to put the spacers on them. Ride quality is mostly the same. I think it has a little more front end bounce, but it is barely noticeable.
Just picked up 4 KC Daylighters. 2 driving lights, and two spots. I'm taking the rock guards, and sanding off the white KC letters, then painting them red to match the truck. These will be mounted on my roof basket/rack once it arrives.

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Truck looks good. To me a black vehicle is the prettiest, but sure is a pain to clean up after getting muddy like the pic you posted. Glad it is you and not me!
Ha!. No kidding. I kinda like getting it muddy right after a wash though, shows good contrasts lol. It never stays clean for long.
Digging this build man..
Thanks man. Drove through the boro the other day hoping and hoped I'd see your ride knowing I wouldn't though. The wife and I are in Chattanooga now, planning on running through PC tomorrow. We will hit some trails soon for sure. Keep me posted next time you guys take a ride. September's usually suck for me with anniversary, and the wife's birthday n such but we will make it happen.
truck looks great ! i dont believe i ever thanked you for the tip on those cb antenna's so i appreciate the hook up on where to get them.
truck looks great ! i dont believe i ever thanked you for the tip on those cb antenna's so i appreciate the hook up on where to get them.
Thanks, and no problem. Really dig where you ended up putting your antennas.
i wanted a clean as possible look and im getting out complaints.drivers have said its crystal clear.
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