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Issues with a Remote Start system (Viper 791XV)

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Well, I got my viper system installed over the weekend and it works as advertised. However, I did not realize they were going to use my only spare key as part of the install. I was already a little irrittated that the Viper package only included one remote for the system, and the dealer wanted another $130 for another one, but I found them on ebay for like $75. That was bad enough, but when I stopped by my dealer for another key, they wanted like $75 for another key!!!!

So, does anyone know where I can get a key made and programmed for less than that?
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scuba91ta said:
75 bucks for a new key and to reprogram? my friend - you were to be ripped off.....

new key - 25 bucks from the dealer - 1/2 hour of labor to reprogram all the keys - 25 bucks...
Nope, I didn't pay it...
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