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Is this a leaking seal?

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i randomly just crawl under the truck and have a good look around at everything and noticed a slightly oily wet spot on my C200k and i was wondering if anyone knew if it looked characteristic of a leaky seal. here's a pic

thanks in advance
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yeah i think the last time i looked at the axle was about 2 months ago and it wasn't there then. it doesn't feel like soaking wet anywhere so its def not a fast leak. doesn't nissan usually replace the axle for seal leaks or is that only for the pinion seal? i wouldn't mind a new axle out of a little leak heh
mainly just wondering if this looks significant enough for them to do something about it under warranty without jerking my chain. i mean its obviously not just oil that was splashed on it or anything
yeah i figured the pinion seal was pretty much the only one they didn't like to mess with. i guess pretty soon i'll have to pull my Bully dog display out of the truck run up there and have them do it. i'm still under warranty so i might as well use it for once. i've been putting off having them swap out my front crash sensor for the recall anyway so i can have them take care of that too while they're at it.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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