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Is there anything in here about 98-00 Fronty

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I have a 99 and I join into this site thinking that I would get intouch with like minded people who love there Nissan Frontier, only to find out that its is just that, but with a twist. Only if you have an 04,05,or 06. Parts for these truck are hard to find, and for some reason my body style is border line impossible to find parts for. Anyways I'm just ranting a little and believe me if I could afford a new Fronty, believe me I would be driving it right now.

As to my problems, my fronty is bagged and I really dont want to cut much into the Factory Suspension. Here is my issue, the upper bracket for the air bags in the front is catching on the upper a arm, making it unable to comepletly raise up. Its getting up high enough for me to drive it, but just barley. Does anyone know where I can get an upper a arm for my Truck. I havent had anyluck finding one.. or atleast one that isnt a lift kit.

and my other thing was a billet grill for my truck. Has anyone messed with these, where they got 'em, if there happy with it... ect. Thanks everyone, Tango
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Thanks for the tips guys. Yea it really needs to be a tublar A arm, other wise it proly wouldnt clear the upper bag bracket. Seriously alot of things for my truck is really really hard to find that is really common in other mini's or even avalible for the Titan or Armada... Like the Tublar Upper A arm. I have seen alot of those billit grill kits that are on ebay but I'm a lil bit sketchy about those, if you read into it a lil bit closer it says that they are mounted on top of the existing grill with Zip-ties.... C'mon that dont sound like a quality kit to me. Has anyone on here actually bought one of those kits, or know someone who has...
I think having a Bagged and body dropped truck is just as demanding (if not more)on your upper a arms as it would be for a 4 wheel drive.
Actually its not catching there at all. If you are looking at the upper a arm from the top its catching on the left side right before the first bend to make the tri angle.
Forgive me if I sounds a lil bit untrusting of a bolt on that requires zip-ties... Keep in mind most of my experiences with grills require hacking up your old one, mostly S-10's.
That would be great of you could find that upper a arm. I'm still looking myself. I would so much rather buy one than try to fab one out my self. Caculating stering geomentry isnt fun at all.
I talked to the guys at FBI ( and they have been so helpful in finding parts and vendors that I have never heard of before, or at least hard to find. I'm taking pics of my upper a arm problem for the FBI guys but I will prolly post them on here as well. Thanks for the help everyone, Tango
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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