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Is there anything in here about 98-00 Fronty

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I have a 99 and I join into this site thinking that I would get intouch with like minded people who love there Nissan Frontier, only to find out that its is just that, but with a twist. Only if you have an 04,05,or 06. Parts for these truck are hard to find, and for some reason my body style is border line impossible to find parts for. Anyways I'm just ranting a little and believe me if I could afford a new Fronty, believe me I would be driving it right now.

As to my problems, my fronty is bagged and I really dont want to cut much into the Factory Suspension. Here is my issue, the upper bracket for the air bags in the front is catching on the upper a arm, making it unable to comepletly raise up. Its getting up high enough for me to drive it, but just barley. Does anyone know where I can get an upper a arm for my Truck. I havent had anyluck finding one.. or atleast one that isnt a lift kit.

and my other thing was a billet grill for my truck. Has anyone messed with these, where they got 'em, if there happy with it... ect. Thanks everyone, Tango
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ive got a 2000, and i can find tons of parts for the 98-00. what r u looking for?
oh crap sorry i guess i didnt read the last part of the post. anyway ebay has hundreds of billet grills for your truck. and ive seen a really beefy a arm for the frontier that wasnt in a lift kit. if i can find it again ill let you know, i think it will work great for your problem.
the calmini are good arms but for offroad, i think they would still be in the way of what he is trying to do. i still cant find the arms im looking for, but they are bascially just a bar. very strong, but very little metal. so they are really open, and i wouldnt think you would catch on anything.
practically every grill kit ive ever seen is zip tied on, and goes over the existing grill lol. nothing wrong with it they still look great. but there are a few that you pay a little more for that you cut the existing grill up, and put the new grill in. go to and search for parts for your truck. they have some nice grills there.

im still looking for those arms for you but they seem to have disapeared on me.

but i have another solution. im guessing that your catching on the center of the arm right? bascially the plate that fills up the hole in the middle of the triangle? since its a mini truck you dont need the strenght like nissan built it for. they built it for offroad. you should be able to notch that out so you clear and your wouldnt have to worry about strengh. it should be plenty strong for a mini truck, i just wouldnt ever head for a really ruff bumpy road.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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