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Is it worth adding separate amp and subwoofer to factory CD player?

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I have a 2000 Frontier XE King Cab with the factory DIN CD Player.

I installed Sony 6.5" speakers in the doors after the factory speakers started cracking.

Recently, I found a 4 X 50 Watt amp in my basement, but it doesn't have speaker level inputs to connect to the factory CD player. I know that I can buy the speaker level converters to connect them, but is it worth the time?

I didn't want to spend the time to run the wires and connect the amp, then have it sound bad.

Just curious if anyone had any bad experiences connecting an external amp to the factory CD Player?
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wont be as good as if you just replace the head unit then add the amp, and i would use the 4x50 to power the 4 speakers in the truck and use a separate sub amp
NO!!!! I would definately not recommend it. If you use a factory head unit you have to use what is called a line output converter (LOC) to convert the signal from your speaker wires to RCA's, and they never seem to work right. Im sure some are better than others but why spend that much on a part that doesnt sound very good when you can buy a cheap head unit and get twice the performance. A LOC tends to pick up a lot of engine noice and they just never seem to work correctly. Just my $.02

Thank you for the advise.

K-Mart sells the LOC for $18, so I thought it would be an inexpensive install / upgrade since I already have an amp. Secondly, I thought it would be less likely that someone would break into my truck to steal a factory CD Player as opposed to an Alpine or Kenwoood unit.
i'd be on the opposite side, i've never had a problem with a LOC, there are actually some pretty nice ones out there that are still very cheap with good very good sound quality.Scosche SLC4 Four-channel line output converter at there is an example. i would have to say any engine noise would be from poor install (bad ground or cheaper rca that are running parallel to power wires our wiring harnesses) since the signal from the speakers themselves should be very clean. i've used them in my own vehicles while saving up for nice head units and in friends doing the same or friends whos vehicles have the stock head units that are molded into the dash with great success. i wouldn't count them out as an option for ya
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