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Ironbull Bumpers - fitment question unanswered

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So after seeing the original thread on here concerning Ironbull Bumpers, I thought I would ask the obvious question: Does it fit the front fascia of a 05-08 Nissan Frontier since the one on the website is on a 09-10? Nevermind if it looks good or not - I just want to know if it fits.

I've sent a few emails to [email protected], and here are some responses...

Here are his responses to my question:
[Jesse] hello, im not sure what you mean , the front and rear bumpers are the same , the one on our web site is a new 09 from our nissan dealer , you can see the sticker in the window , we built the jig on a 06 frontier , it fit just fine ,,,,,,i hope that helps ,,,,,,,,,,,,,[Jesse]

[Jesse] sorry all i know is that the bumper fits the 05-09 frontiers , we sell it every week and no one has had a problem , i do not see a differance , if you do then i think you should not buy it ,,,,,,,[Jesse]

[Jesse] The jig was built on an 05 and the silver one on the web site is an 09 , sorry its that simple ,,,,,,,, i do not know , it looks nice to me ? [Jesse]

So has anyone seen one of these on an 05-08? Maybe it will clear the lights and grill just fine, but would it leave a weird gap? I'm just curious to know - not investing in a bumper anytime soon. I attached these pictures to try to prove my point about the difference in front fascia:

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The Shrock bumper is unquestionably the better looking unit.

Shrock also seems to thing that the 05 - 10 would use the same PN.

Calmini though, stops their Pre-Runner bumper at mid-2007. Not sure why. Anyone have any insight here?

Any other bumper to look at for a '10 truck? I see one in my VERY near future.

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