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Ironbull Bumpers - fitment question unanswered

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So after seeing the original thread on here concerning Ironbull Bumpers, I thought I would ask the obvious question: Does it fit the front fascia of a 05-08 Nissan Frontier since the one on the website is on a 09-10? Nevermind if it looks good or not - I just want to know if it fits.

I've sent a few emails to [email protected], and here are some responses...

Here are his responses to my question:
[Jesse] hello, im not sure what you mean , the front and rear bumpers are the same , the one on our web site is a new 09 from our nissan dealer , you can see the sticker in the window , we built the jig on a 06 frontier , it fit just fine ,,,,,,i hope that helps ,,,,,,,,,,,,,[Jesse]

[Jesse] sorry all i know is that the bumper fits the 05-09 frontiers , we sell it every week and no one has had a problem , i do not see a differance , if you do then i think you should not buy it ,,,,,,,[Jesse]

[Jesse] The jig was built on an 05 and the silver one on the web site is an 09 , sorry its that simple ,,,,,,,, i do not know , it looks nice to me ? [Jesse]

So has anyone seen one of these on an 05-08? Maybe it will clear the lights and grill just fine, but would it leave a weird gap? I'm just curious to know - not investing in a bumper anytime soon. I attached these pictures to try to prove my point about the difference in front fascia:

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no, but since you have to loose the valance to put the bumper on anyway, you can swap grills. problem solved.
edit. well yeah it will fit fine. but there will be a gap of where the 09 grill would be.

my bad., i was thinking the opposite to where the grill would be rubbing the bumper.
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