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Hi there. We are two retired women who love our 2012 Frontier 4x4 and use it to do a lot of exploring of the backroads of the west. We are having a Four Wheel Camper installed soon on the Frontier and we can do even more exploration and camping.

I have lurked here for a long time and have gotten a lot of great ideas and sound advice from the members, and thought it was high time I joined.

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Hi and welcome, post a photo of your truck
Done. Attached (and it's now my Avatar as well). We love our Frontier.

PS: My first car was my Dad's '71 Datsun pickup, and later got a used '75 510 wagon. Later got a '81 280ZX that I drove for ten years...and still miss it!


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Will be happy to share the install pics - it's scheduled for the 18th. We ordered a shell model to keep the weight down, and also installed Firestone Ride-Rites. Hopefully, we don't have to do much more to get camping!
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