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8) My name is Rene, and I recently purchased a
2001 Nissan Frontier SE King Cab, 4X4, V-6, standard (with cruise control!),
oversized camper shell, and best of all, its Baywatch yellow!!
I installed a 2" universal receiver hitch and immediately slapped on my
Saris bike rack.
I love the truck. Its the first 4X4 I've owned and I'm addicted to off-roading.
If I have a bad day at work, I can drive right off the road and pound some rocks!
Afterwards, I feel great, and its cheaper than therapy.
I'm fortunate because my backyard happens to be one of the most popular
local destinations for off-road junkies (Devil's Den).
I'll upload some pictures soon.

P.S. Nissans don't suck afterall!
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