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Interior Removal

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So I got my new amp and speakers today from crutchfield. Does anyone have a walk-through (prefer pictures) of how to remove the interior on a 2010 club? I'm gonna have to run all new wires from the amp under my seat to all 4 doors and don't really want to do it blind ...

Thanks! (and yes, I did use the search function and couldn't find ****)
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If it's anything like my 07, center console is easy to remove, I forget exactly where all the screws are since it's been a while. Pop off the cupholder area, then the front portion of the console also pops off, from there it should be screws, look on the side of the front, and inside the center console cubby. Seats are just 4 bolts each, 14mm IIRCA. Slide them so the rails are centered, fold the seat forward all the way, and remove the headrests to get them out easier.

Glove box should be: remove, passenger door sill (pops off), remove small panel about 6-8 inches long IIRC (also pops off, remove screw there, remove screws on bottom, and open glove box, remove screws there. Then pull carefully. Hope this helps.
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