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Interior Removal

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So I got my new amp and speakers today from crutchfield. Does anyone have a walk-through (prefer pictures) of how to remove the interior on a 2010 club? I'm gonna have to run all new wires from the amp under my seat to all 4 doors and don't really want to do it blind ...

Thanks! (and yes, I did use the search function and couldn't find ****)
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Did crutchfield not send you instructions with pics? Iether way it is very easy, I did this last weekend. Remove door handle by poping it up and the the silver trim around the door handle, along with the plastic cup behind the door handle. Remove the few visible screws (think there are three) and then pull the door off by poping out the door clips. Repeat the steps for all doors. then the speakers just unscrew and then wire up the new ones and then put the panels back on and the few screws. There is not much easier than this.
LOL, little more than I was thinking you were doing. I havent done this in the fronty but have in other cars. It still isn't very difficult, but time consuming. Some one here might have already done this, but doing it on others the seats are pretty easy going, just unbolt and unplug. Not sure on center console, but I think you can pop off the top and look for any bolts holding it down, but not sure how the Ebrake plays in (assuming it just slides over it). Others here can tell you about bolt locations for glove box, I have seen many do it on here, so it shouldnt be anything outrageous. as for the wiring, search online, I did a google search when I was going my Ipod hook up, and I found it very quick, wish I kept the link or I would attach it. It will be the same as all 2005 and up fronties, from what I have been told.

Take some pics and post up how it works out for ya. Always good to have someone post up how they did things and where locations of bolts and screws are.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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