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Interior Removal

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So I got my new amp and speakers today from crutchfield. Does anyone have a walk-through (prefer pictures) of how to remove the interior on a 2010 club? I'm gonna have to run all new wires from the amp under my seat to all 4 doors and don't really want to do it blind ...

Thanks! (and yes, I did use the search function and couldn't find ****)
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The front seats remove with 4x 14mm bolts each. The front one closest to the center console is visible. The other 3 are under plastic covers. The plastic covers just pop off. There are airbag wiring harnesses plugged into the seats. If you unplug these and turn the power on (for testing), you will get an airbag light that will not go away until you go through the reset procedure (there's a thread here on how to do that).
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