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Interior Rebuild from airbag deployment

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I had an accident a few days ago and both my airbags deployed. I'm not going to be replacing them and want to know if there is replacement covers for the steering wheel and passenger side of the dash where the air bags blew out of. any help or knowledge with part numbers is greatly appreciated.
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Any resolution since OP?

Can't find parts at I also can't find a how-to. I guess that means Frontier drivers never get into accidents :) ... or maybe you need some kind of license to get parts/install. :confused:

A dude on craigslist trying to sell a '03 XE with previously deployed bags. I'm trying to figure out if that's even legal. Seems to be no actual law about it. ... I want an airbag, so I need some idea how much it'd cost to replace them before I offer to buy.

==> Anyone know which particular US federal law covers this?

Some police say it's a federal law: Airbag replacement and repair cost? - Nissan Forums: Nissan Forum ... But still I can't figure out if it's a state thing or actual federal law.

.. I guess it could just be a "if you really want to drive around without airbags, then you probably wouldn't care about there being a law in the first place" kind if deal

Tried googling but couldn't find much. And gotta love the font size on the government's FAQ

cut and paste from the unreadable text from the Safecar FAQ:
# After an advanced frontal air bag deploys, can it be re-used?

No. Once deployed, an air bag - whether advanced frontal or other 
type - cannot be re-used and must be replaced by an authorized service
technician without delay.
Note, doesn't say "required by law."

... where are lawyers and police when you need them? :D just kiddin
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