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Interesting Problem

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Hey guys,

My boss has an '06 2wd Frontier (Automatic). He called me a bit ago with the following scenario:

It sputtered and then stalled on him when he was braking on his way home today. He started it up again and it wouldn't go above 2000rpm and it stayed in 4th gear. He could put it in Park and Reverse, but as soon as it went back into Drive it would be in 4th.

No codes.

Any ideas?
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Sounds like its in limp mode. First, I'd check the trans fluid level.. its not likely, but its easy to check and fix. THen, i"d get a good scanner and check for transmission codes. It wouldnt necessarily throw a CEL, but could still have a code. A regular obd2 scanner won't read this. Have him unplug the battery for a couple min and re-connect it. That may 'reset' anything that could be messing it up. Other than that, he's going to have to bring it in for a diagnostic at a shop w/ a good obd scanner that can see whats going on w/ it.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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