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I have a 2001 Frontier with the 4 banger that I bought new in September 2000 and it just went over 175K miles. Recently it started giving me problems at idle and then threw a code for the MAF sensor. I tried cleaning the sensor with no change, so I have a new sensor on order. On Monday, central Oklahoma received a little rain, so I was unable to ride my motorcycle to work. My truck started up fine, I drove about 300 yards down the street and it died. This has been a common problem since I initially got the code for a MAF sensor, but the truck would always start right back up. This time however, it would not start. While it was raining like the beejesus, the truck had started up and to the moment it died, seemed to be running fine. That and I did not drive through any standing water. Basically, it did not act like the problem was caused by a wet or damp ignition system. Since I was so close to home, I decided to push my truck back to my own driveway. When I got out to push, I could hear a sound that kind of reminded of a small electric motor whine. Although I know that it should not be running, I thought it might be fuel pump, so I stopped and made sure the ignition key was turned completely off. The sound was still there and once I stopped to actually listen to it, it reminded me more of air slowly escaping under pressure from somewhere under the hood, sort of a low whistling sound. I actually stopped and listened intently for a second to make sure I was not hearing the tornado sirens a couple miles away. Keep in mind, with the weather conditions and the fact that I was late for work, my main concern was just getting my truck back in my driveway, changing into some dry clothes and getting to work in my wife's car. I did notice that the sound continued for probably about a minute. Yesterday, I finally got around to trying to start the truck and low and behold, it started right up. I let it idle for about 20 minutes, reving the motor several times. It actually seemed to run and idle smoother than it has in a long time. I did not take it for test drive, figuring I would wait until I get the new MAF sensor installed first.

Anyway, from everything I have found on the MAF sensor, it seems unlikely that it was the cause of the sound and my truck completely dying. I think that whatever the source of the noise that I was hearing has something to do with it. Maybe something in the emissions system. I was thinking maybe the evap system or something someone I work with suggested, the PCV valve. Anyone ever experience anything like this or have any suggestions?

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