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Installed Magnaflow 12580

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The dreaded Y piece has been removed and the Magnaflow has been installed. If you are near Colorado Springs, The Muffler shop on 2115 E St Vrain does quality work. Here's a quick photo I took after it was done.
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I used my Google photos. Are they still not showing?
That's the same muffler we used on my daughter's Xterra so I was familiar with it. It's not too loud but you can hear it when you get on it. Definitely not a ricer sound. I will try and get some sounds clips tis weekend. There is a little drone but I haven't driven except home George muffler shop. I will try and see what rpm speed causes it.
Just muffler replaced with the pipes in front. Same tail pipe.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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