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I've got a couple install questions. I have some ideas but wanted to see what you guys did.

1. How do you run 4 guage from the battery through the fire wall to the passenger side seat? Is there a gromet on the passenger side of the vehicle that is easily accessable??

My current though is run it through the main harness gromet on the driverside and run it under the carpet to the passenger seat. Under the hood I would just secure the 4 guage to the main harness crossing the truck to the battery.

2. How do you mount your amps under the seat with the air vent being in the way? Do the vents come out WITHOUT cutting them?

Instead of building a flat amp mounting plate (i.e. flat piece of MDF) I was going to "shim" it up with a board (striped to the right thickness) on each side to get over the vents. But if the vents are "seamed" somewhere I would just remove it.

3. Where are you putting your tweeters? My 2010 has the factor tweeters near the windshield. Are people just building adapter plates and putting the tweets there or are people drilling the door skins and mounting in there? Has anyone mounted them in the A-pillar skin? How hard is that to remove?

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1) My amp power wire (yep, 4 gauge) goes thru the grommet on the driver's side.

2) My amp is under the driver's seat (Alpine PDX-5) and not secured in any manner.
It fits just fine sitting on top of the vent tubing, the PDX-5 is a very small footprint amp.

3) I mounted my tweeters to the "A" pillars up front.

My install thread with a few pictures:

My sub enclosure build thread:

Maybe you can get some ideas from those threads?
Good luck and have fun.
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