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Inside rear view mirror

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1999 xtra cab EX
I'm having to glue my rear view mirror back on again for the third time.
I have one of those wide view mirrors attached to it, and that's probably why it keeps on falling off.
Has anyone replaced it with one that bolts into the roof?????
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I don’t know about the one that bolts onto the roof or what glue you are using but prepping the area and using the correct glue should hold up. Auto parts stores sell specific rear view mirror glue. The windshield and the mirror attachment pad should both be free of all residue and oils before the glue is applied. Use denatured alcohol and a lint free cloth as a final cleaning step. Follow directions and cure times and you should be good. Also it might be helpful to adjust the mirror by grabbing the center and not one of the outside edges.

Not sure why the kit didn’t work if it’s intended to be used for your application. I wouldn’t have expected gorilla glue or cheap crazy glue to work at all. Acetone is a good option, fewer people have it around the house though. Good luck finding a solution.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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