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Inside rear view mirror

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1999 xtra cab EX
I'm having to glue my rear view mirror back on again for the third time.
I have one of those wide view mirrors attached to it, and that's probably why it keeps on falling off.
Has anyone replaced it with one that bolts into the roof?????
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First time I used a Permatex kit.
Second time Gorilla.
Last time some cheap crazy glue.
I clean everything with acetone.
Going to look for something to adapt that screws/bolts in.
i let it sit over night before putting on the mirror.
It did hold for a while.
I've stuck the pad on other cars and they didn't come off.
I'm thinking it's because i have the convex add-on on it.
I found a mirror from my Toyota P/U.
Drilled a hold and it's great.
It even mounts higher than the old mirror.
Never have to worry about it falling off again.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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