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infinity kappa-reference component comparison

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hey guys i just wanted to hear from you kappa owners, i have the reference set and like the way it sounds but ive heard the kappas kick *** whats your opinion
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I have the Kappas.
I second that the tweeter is harsher...UNTIL BROKEN IN.
I also have an EQ, so I can take some edge off.

The Kappas are absolutely kick-*** speakers, I won't run anything else...BUT since you already have Reference series, I wouldn't change. Are you running an amp for them?

I'd say the biggest difference in sound quality came with the addition of the EQ.
yes i have an mtx 404. but yeah im afraid that from having the references for a year and changing to something else. i wont like it.
Why change then? Just for shits and giggles?

Save your money...that MTX will go someday (heh, the rear two channels on mine just did!)
funny you bumped it

because I just started looking for a new amp. Kappas run @ 2ohm, which I think might be different than the reference series.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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