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infinity kappa-reference component comparison

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hey guys i just wanted to hear from you kappa owners, i have the reference set and like the way it sounds but ive heard the kappas kick *** whats your opinion
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Reference! My bro-in-law has Kappa's in his truck and they sound like the factory speakers.
sweet lol cuz i really do like mine so ill prolly go with them again
I have the Kappas.
I second that the tweeter is harsher...UNTIL BROKEN IN.
I also have an EQ, so I can take some edge off.

The Kappas are absolutely kick-*** speakers, I won't run anything else...BUT since you already have Reference series, I wouldn't change. Are you running an amp for them?

I'd say the biggest difference in sound quality came with the addition of the EQ.
yes i have an mtx 404. but yeah im afraid that from having the references for a year and changing to something else. i wont like it.
Why change then? Just for shits and giggles?

Save your money...that MTX will go someday (heh, the rear two channels on mine just did!)
i have reference in my 03 and im debating on kappa to reference in my 07. but i think im sticking with reference. hah thats nice to not hear lol
while not startin another thread...

i will just use this one. what amps are you guys usin to power your doors? i have the mtx 404. i want something that will actually pound em
yeah haha i wanna find a nice one with some juice to it.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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