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Hi there everyone!

We live in Indonesia and have a Thai made (poor paint job) Nissan Frontier Navara LE double cabin (short or long? King cab or crew cab?) year 2008 with the 4 cylinder 174 horse power 2.5 liters turbo intercooler diesel engine but it did not come with a tent to mount on the deck as I have heard that they do in Europe?

My problem is about ECU reset after diesel fuel filter change in a Frontier Navara commonrail YD25 turbo diesel engine with much concern as my local dealership strongly denies that this is even an allowed let alone correct procedure and in referencing the D40 / YD25 service / repair manual showed me that that is only done after replacing the fuel pump itself or the injector(s) or the actual ECU unit but NOT when replacing the fuel filter!? I have a digital copy of the D40 service manual in PDF format if interested I can e-mail it to you? Furthermore, in this service manual there is 2 "learning" (clear memory) areas: Fuel injector(s) learning or fuel pump learning, which is the one that you suggest to clear? It seems that the fuel injector learning programming is done by manual data entry with numbers/codes/data printed on each (slightly different) injector housing and not "self-learning"? Thanks in advance for your reply!
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