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Hello everybody,
I installed a Pioneer MVH560 deck in the truck some time ago. One of the main reasons I bought that specific one is because the illumination colour can be fine tuned to match the illumination colour of the rest of your dash, sweet! The problem though is that depending on the temperature, the color changes dramatically. During the summer is pretty good, stays within a reasonable degree of the set colour but during winter it will go from deep orange, almost red when it's cold in the morning, to bright yellow when the trucks been running a while with the heat on and what not.

I'm wondering if anybody else noticed the same thing with their units, if it's worth swapping out our if they'll all do the same thing.
Also does anybody make a head unit that automatically dims? Or that funds when switching on the headlights? I find the illumination to weak during the day and to strong at night, this seems like a common complaint for head units but some of you have an idea of which ones do it better.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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